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About Me

Hey folks! I’m Mal (or Adam, your choice). As a content creator, I focus heavily on Elite: Dangerous from Frontier, with other space sim or sci-fi-related titles thrown in from time to time. I also do the occasional astrophysics/astronomy cross-over, and I co-stream & commentate on lots of NASA/SpaceX events.

On the personal side, I'm a proud US Army veteran, medically discharged after being injured during my second tour overseas. I’ll be joined on stream from time to time by one of our doggos. I've had two Service Dogs since I left the Army - Noble, then Leo, who passed away in February. I'm looking for my third Service Dog now.


Our community is called the Dogs of Lore. The name is a shout-out to all the dogs from video games, TV, movies, and real-life that we love. It's also a bit of wordplay on "Dogs of War." Love a bit of Pink Floyd and Shakespeare. We are a PMF and Squadron in Elite: Dangerous based out of the Pathamon system. We have a heavy focus on exploring, exobiology, and science. We are also an Alliance guild in World of Warcraft, focused on titles, mounts, and achievements. And, of course, lore is always a focus, because nothing sparks the imagination and completes the immersion like good storytelling.



This is where most of the fun happens. I love being able to interact with the community in real-time. I typically stream on Twitch four times a week, real-life and chronic pain permitting (schedule below).

Flight Assist Podcast

I'm the co-founder and co-host, together with CMDR Psykit, of the Flight Assist Podcast. Every week on the Flight Assist Podcast, we talk to a different CMDR or organization. We find out a little about them, what they’re up to in-game, and we talk about the things we love about Elite: Dangerous and its amazing community. New episodes drop Monday on all major podcast platforms and Check it out!

Neutrino Drift

The Late Night Space Flight Show

Space is easy. I mean, there’s literally nothing to it (I’ll be here all week). But there’s a lot - A LOT - going on in it. Each Thursday evening, CMDR MalForTheWin parses through the week’s space sim gaming, IRL space flight, and Dogs of Lore community news for you. Ask your questions live in chat and get all the information you need to help you on your journey through the cosmos.


YouTube is where any heavily edited and post-produced content, highlight reels, and special event videos will be posted. I have some cool ideas for original, episodic Elite Dangerous content as well that might get posted here. Time permitting, of course.


Sunday 10:00 Central US Elite: Dangerous
Monday 22:00 Central US Elite: Dangerous
Tuesday 22:00 Central US Space/sci-fi game
Thursday 20:00 Central US Neutrino Drift


I'm always excited to hear from you, my wonderful community. I'm also open to developers wanting exposure for your game (alpha/beta, early access, or on-the-market titles), and I'd love to explore opportunities with new or potential sponsors.

Drop me a line at

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